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Northern goshawkPhoto by Don Baccus Photo by Don Baccus
Accipiter gentilis

Hear the goshawk's call

AKA: Goose hawk

SIZE: 19 to 27 inches

WINGSPAN: 40 to 47 inches


FEEDING HABITS: Red squirrels and crews are its most common prey, followed by grackles and blackbirds. Will also take rabbits, chipmunks, weasels, game birds, woodpeckers, jays, larvae, and small hawks.

IDENTIFICATION: Our largest accipiter. An extremely agile bird that can hunt in very dense cover. Has the characteristic long accipiter tail, but it is wider than that of the Cooper's and sharpie. This, coupled with its overall stockier appearance and muscular wings means the goshawk is often mistaken for a buteo. It is dark grey above and light grey below with extremely fine barring. It has a black crown and white eyebrow stripe. The immature plumage resembles an immature Cooper's hawk, only with a slightly darker appearance. Other identifying characteristics are a wedge shaped tail, a pointed appearance to the wingtips and deep powerful wingbeats. The juvenile will have a lighter colored bar across upper wing and an irregularly banded tail.

Photo by Don Baccus

Photo by Don Baccus

Photo by Jerry Converse

Photo by Jerry ConversePhoto by Jerry Converse

Photo by Douglas Herr

Photo by Arthur Morris

Photo by Douglas Herr